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Changes to Come for the NFL Pro Bowl

Breaking News: Adam Schefter has just reported that the NFL has officially eliminated the traditional NFC vs. AFC Pro Bowl matchup. Instead they will have a Pro Bowl Fantasy draft. Here is the tweet...

NFL eliminated traditional AFC-NFC Pro Bowl matchup; will be replaced with Pro-Bowl fantasy-like draft, per ESPN sources.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 31, 2013

He also reports that the captains for this years upcoming NFL Draft will be Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders. This leads me to think that the NFL is trying to win back their audience by bringing past superstars in. Lastly, he has reported that there will be no kickoffs anymore, which was one of the big concerns of players and their saftey. The game will take place in Honolulu this upcoming January.

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The Spotlight: Percy Harvin (Part 2)

Breaking News: As I previously reported, Percy Harvin went to go get a second opinion on his hip today from Dr. Bryan Kelly. After careful consideration, the new Seahawk has announced through Twitter that he will undergo surgery, with the goal of repairing a torn labrum in his hip (tweet below).

when everything is goin good sometimes life throw u a curve ball... sorry to half to report that my injury will require surgery...

— Percy Harvin (@Percy_Harvin) July 30, 2013

The surgery will take place this Saturday and while Harvin's timetable for return is somewhat unclear, it is expected he will miss 3-4 months. That would put his return sometime in November, meaning he could miss over half of the year. Harvin, the fifth year pro out of Florida, has struggled throughout his career with injuries and missed seven games with the Vikings last year. This past offseason, Harvin signed a 6 year $67M deal with the Seahawks. When healthy, Harvin is a Top 10 NFL WR due to his incredible speed and playmaking ability. He was expected to be Seattle's #1 WR; however without him, the Seahawks will have to lean on Running Back Marshawn Lynch along with Wide Receivers Sidney Rice and Golden Tate.

Fantasy Affect: Harvin is owned in 100% of Fantasy Leagues according to ESPN and is a starter on most of them when he is healthy. However, with Harvin being out for up to half of the year, his owners will have to make a decision. Of course, if you have an IR roster spot on your team, you should place Harvin there and wait it out. However, many teams don't have IR spots. In that case I recommend you dropping Harvin if you have a smaller league where you have multiple big names on your team and keeping him if you are in a more competitive, large league. In his first 8 games last year he had 6 double digit Fantasy games with the two non-double digit games being 8 and 9 points. As far as replacements go for the Seahawks, I would expect and increase in production from veterans such as Golden Tate and Sidney Rice. This is of course not the news Seahawks fans wanted to hear, but only time will tell if this is the right move.