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NFL Home Uniform Power Rankings (32-21: Nothing Special)

Just thought I would throw in this fun article. This is all just my opinion. Feel free to comment what you think and don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter. Thanks!

32) San Diego Chargers: Personally I don't disklike any of the NFL uniforms. However, if I had to pick the worst, it would be San Diego. They have a bad team, and even worse uniforms.

31) Tennessee Titans: I don't like the baby blue at all, especially when paired with a darker navy blue. I like the logo, and wish they would completely redo their uniforms.

30) Philadelphia Eagles: I absolutely hate the green that the Eagles use. They have a cool helmet design but I just can't get over the ugly green.

29) Arizona Cardinals: I think their Home uniforms are pretty boring and I don't like the all red. However I do like their away uniforms.

28) New York Jets: The Jets have a similar green as the Eagles, and I don't like theirs any better. Plus, the logo is one of the most boring in the NFL. However, I like the green and white look

27) Carolina Panthers: I don't like all the black in their uniform. I think they need to base it more around the blue and silver and have less black.

26) Cincinnati Bengals: I absolutely hate their helmets because of the black stripes; and to make it worse, their uniforms are pants are black as well. Too much black if you ask me.

25) New Orleans Saints: I love that the Saints are one of the only NFL teams to have gold in their uniforms. However, if I'm going to criticize the Bengals and Panthers on black uniforms, I have to do it to the Saints too.

24) Dallas Cowboys: First off, let me say, the Cowboys are not America's team. Now, I do like their home uniforms, however, when you look at their away uniforms they have a completely different shade of blue. What's up with that?

23) Oakland Raiders: Now, even though I have them at #23 I don't think the Raiders should switch their uniforms. I like the silver but overall I think the color scheme is just a bit boring.

22) Atlanta Falcons: When it comes to the red, white, black/grey color scheme, I personally like the Buccaneers better. No hate to Atlanta though.

21) St. Louis Rams: It was really hard for me to put the Rams at #21 because I think their uniforms are unique. Like the Saints, I love the gold, I just don't think it goes well with the navy.

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