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The Year of the Quarterback

Quarterbacks. Not only are they the leader of their respective offense but most weeks they will be the leader of your Fantasy Team in points. The NFL is full of great Fantasy QBs and I'm here to rank The Top 10 and help you decide who you want to lead your team.

1) Drew Brees (Saints): Arguably the best player in the league Brees is a top caliber player. Last year he threw for over 5,000 yards, had 43 TDs and a passer rating of just over 96, and all of this without his head coach. This year, look for the Saints to rebound after the bounty scandal, led by none other then their own Drew Brees.

2) Aaron Rodgers (Packers): It was tough putting my boy #2 but that doesn't take anything away from how I feel about him. Rodgers consistently throws for around 40 TDs and this year should be no exception. To those who may be worried about him losing Jennings and Driver I have this to say to you: Green Bay has tons of targets on offense and Rodgers will not be affected at all.

3) Peyton Manning (Broncos): What more can you say about him? He was sidelined for over a year with questions over if his play would ever return to the level we came to expect out of him; but now he is the leader of the Broncos who have arguably the best offense in the league. With three top notch WRs in Erik Decker, Demaryius Thomas, and Wes Welker, Manning should have no problem putting up more crazy numbers.

4) Tom Brady (Patriots): Ranking one of the greatest QBs at #4 may seem wrong but it has absolutely nothing to do about Brady, yet everything to do about his offense. As some of you may have heard, this Aaron Hernandez guy is getting charged with murder and Wes Welker has packed his bags for Denver. Brandon Lloyd is a Free Agent and Rob Gronkowski is once again suffering from injuries. All in all Brady may be without his top four offensive targets from last year but I have no doubts he will somehow make do with what he has.

5) Matt Ryan (Falcons): I had this dude on my roster last year and man did it pay off. Ryan is one of the best young QBs in the game. He may have been shaky at times last year but he will only get better as he grows and matures. With two of the best WRs in the game (Julio Jones and Roddy White) along with one of the greatest TEs of all time in Tony Gonzalez, Ryan should have another great year.

6) Cam Newton (Panthers): Being the #1 pick in the draft puts pressure on you and Newton continued to grow during his Sophomore season. Probably the best dual threat QB in the league, Newton will always be able to find a way to score. He would be even higher on my list if Carolina was able to provide him with more weapons on offense, but for now I think Newton is a safe pick in the 3rd-4th round range.

7) Robert Griffin III (Redskins): An explosive QB who has the potential to be one of the best in the league, yep that RG3. Unfortunately, tearing his ACL last year means he is a risky early pick due to the fact you don't know how it'll affect him this year. However RG3 insists that he is feeling great so I wouldn't be too worried.

8) Matthew Stafford (Lions): After a disappointing season for the Lions last year, Stafford presents a great steal if you can get him in the 6th round or later. He has Megatron at WR and now with Bush at RB their should be a more balanced offense which will only help Stafford in terms of his Fantasy Value.

9) Tony Romo (Cowboys): So are the Cowboys going to actually make the playoffs this year? Only time will tell I guess. While some may be Romo haters, when you look at his Fantasy Stats you'll see a fairly consistent trend: no matter how inconsistent the Cowboys are Romo always seems rack up +15 Fantasy Points a week. Look for Romo and the Cowboys to make one last push this year as it may be their last if they can't get it done.

10) Russel Wilson (Seahawks): Easily one of the biggest steals of the NFL draft in recent years, Wilson put up incredible numbers including a 100.00 passer rating. With his ability to run the ball when his WRs are covered he is truly a very hard QB for any defense to cover. With Lynch at RB defenses won't be able to just sit back either, so look for another productive year from Wilson.

So that rounds out my Top 10. Like it? Have comment? Please share any thoughts. And be sure to keep a look out for my top RBs, coming out soon. Thanks!

***Honorable Mentions: In no particular order...

-Colin Kaepernick: It is hard not to put this guy in the Top 10 but I want to first see how he does as the starter from day 1.

-Andrew Luck: It can't be easy to take over the job of Peyton Manning, but Luck did it about as well as anyone could have.

-Matt Schaub: One of the more underated QBs in the league, great value in later rounds.

-Andy Dalton: Another steal in the draft a few years ago, a borderline Fantasy starter.

-Joe Flacco: Well he led the Ravens to the Super Bowl but I wouldn't suspect the same this year losing numerous key pieces, still though a great backup.

-Eli Manning: Hard not to like, but having three bad weeks in a row last year (8, 9, 10) just won't cut it.

-Ben Roethisberger: A born leader but he shouldn't be a first choice QB.

And finally my sleeper pick this year: Ryan Tannehill: He is posed to have a breakout year with a weak AFC East and the addition of Mike Wallace at WR.