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The Quarterback Math

You may not agree but I would highly recommend NOT selecting a QB in the first round of the draft. Using stats from last year I will further explain...

-A first round QB: Drew Brees (21.1 points/game and 337 total)

-A third round QB: Cam Newton (19.3 points/game and 309 total)

The difference: Brees scores 1.8 points/game more and 28 points more total

Now take a look at RBs...

-A first round RB: Adrian Peterson (18.6 points/game and 297 total)

-A third round RB: Chris Johnson (10.1 points/game and 162 total)

The difference: AP scores 8.5 points/game more and 135 more total

So my point is that you have more of a drop off in the value of a RB/ WR from the 1st to the 3rd round than you do with a QB from the 1st to the the 3rd round. Therefore I recommend selecting a RB or WR in the first round instead of a QB.

***Please note that the players I used were taken in this round (either first or third) this year in a 12 player league.