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The Running Backs are Back

In a league filled with big name QBs, RBs can sometimes be forgotten. However, having good RB depth is one of the keys to being successful in Fantasy Football (just take a look at my last article "The Quarterback Math" to see what I mean). So today I present you with my Top 20 RBs list.

1) Adrian Peterson (Vikings): Wow, that is about all you can say about Peterson. He managed to overcome a nasty injury and came back even better than he was before. There should be no doubt whatsoever about the #1 Fantasy Football player. Adrian Peterson can do it all, and any Fantasy owner would be lucky to have him on their team.

2) Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks): Lynch has established himself in the NFL as a highly dependable back, and now that Russell Wilson has taken over at QB, I wouldn't expect anything but for Lynch's Fantasy numbers to go up. He has the ability to pull of crazy plays and can continuously rack up big numbers for your Fantasy team.

3) Doug Martin (Buccaneers): Martin was one of my sleeper picks last year and ended up having a big breakout season. His numbers were incredible, especially for a rookie. Coming back in year 2 he should get only better. With questions over Josh Freeman and the passing game, look for the Bucs to run in a lot and look for Martin to have another successful season.  

4) Arian Foster (Texans): What I love about Foster is his ability to score. He led the league last year with 17 total TDs and that alone would have made a great year. My only concern with Foster is injuries. This has triggered a response from the Texans organization that they don't want to overuse Foster. This will definitely benefit him in the long run; however don't look for him to score 17 TDs this year.

5) Ray Rice (Ravens): This little back is one of the many reasons the Ravens won the SuperBowl last year. With them losing a big weapon at WR in Anquan Boldin, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Ravens run the ball more this year. However, with Bernard Pierce beginning to establish himself as a good backup, I wouldn't look for much of an improvement from Rice this year. You know what you'll get out him though, and he is a great pickup no matter what way you look at it.

6) Jamal Charles (Chiefs): As one of the best running and catching RBs in the league, Charles can beat you both ways. With a new coach in town look for Charles to be used as a passing weapon. Charles would be a great pickup if you can get him in the mid to late first round of your draft.

7) Steven Ridley (Patriots): Loosing possibly his top 5 targets from last year's season will not be a good thing for Tom Brady, but it will for Steven Ridley. He had a breakout season last year and is looking to expand upon it this year. He has gotten bigger this offseason and you can look for him to add to his 12 TDs this year, especially if the passing game struggles.

8) CJ Spiller (Bills): Last year Spiller rushed for a career  high 1,244 yards and averaged 6.0 yards a carry. Unfortunately he only scored 6 TDs; and you shouldn't expect him to score anymore than that this year. With EJ Manuel in town look for him to get multiple attempts at the goal line to run it in, taking away from TDs Spiller would have. Also, with Fred Jackson back and healthy, at least for now, there is always the question if he will return to his form and become a productive player? 

9) Alfred Morris (Redskins): Morris was incredible as a rookie last year finishing second to only AP, and he was only a rookie! I'd look for his production to slightly decrease this year as defenses will be able to catch up with him, especially if RG3 struggles. 

10) Trent Richardson (Browns): Richardson too was impressive last year as a rookie, just not impressive. His 11 TDs are great and his workload figures to increase. As the Browns look to turn the corner from one of the worst teams in the NFL to an average one, look for Richardson to impress and build upon his rookie season.

***This is the first part of my Top 20 list of RBs. Here is part 2.

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