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Top 20 Fantasy WRs

WRs are some of the most dynamic and exciting players on the field to watch. Whether they be slot receivers or deep threats, they all have a role. Today I am here to rank the Top 20 WRs. Feel free to leave any comments, and don't forget to vote in my poll at the bottom and subscribe! Enjoy.

1) Calvin Johnson (Lions): Megatron, as he is known, is simply incredible. Replicating his 2012-13 season in which he broke Jerry Rice's record for receiving yards will by no means be easy, but I have all the faith in the world that Johnson can do it. With his incredible combination of speed and power, he is nearly unstoppable and easily the best Fantasy WR. Check out his highlight video courtesy of Sandman Lions on Youtube.

2) Brandon Marshall (Bears): It looks like Marshall has finally found a home in Chicago and with the Bears bringing in new head coach Marc Trestman, look for his success to continue. Last year, with few other offensive weapons to worry about, defenses were able to double team him a lot, if not all the time. However, this year, with they emergence Alshon Jeffery, look for some of the pressure to come of of Marshall. I wouldn't expect anything but more success from Marshall this season. 

3) Dez Bryant (Cowboys): After struggling in the first half of last season and only putting up two double digit fantasy games in the first 9 weeks, some people began to doubt Bryant. But from then on he went on to dominate scoring double digit points in 6 out of his last 7 games. I believe that success should carry over to this year. The only thing that can stop Bryant is himself. As long as he doesn't get in trouble off the field, look for him to dominate this season.

4) AJ Green (Bengals): In the 2011 NFL Draft, AJ Green was selected fourth overall by Cincinnati, two picks ahead of Falcons WR Julio Jones. While both are extremely talented, Green doesn't have a strong #2 WR on his team unlike Jones who has Roddy White. This makes Green even more valuable in terms of Fantasy because this will allow him to get more catches and more TDs. With the Bengals becoming a top NFL team, look for Green to have more success this upcoming year.

5) Julio Jones (Falcons): Speaking about the 2011 NFL Draft, I have the #6 overall pick Julio Jones, ranked #5 on my list. While he may not have had as good of a Fantasy year last year as Roddy White, I believe this year the fortunes will turn. Jones has great speed and his ability to go deep makes him a big time TD target. With Ryan getting his new extension, look for Jones to continue his success and be a Top 5 Fantasy WR.

6) Demaryius Thomas (Broncos): Thomas, while only being 25, probably had the second best year at WR last year, only behind Calvin Johnson. However, this year, with the addition of Wes Welker, look for his stats to slightly decrease due to the fact their is another great WR in town. However, I wouldn't worry too much as I feel it is very unlikely that Erik Decker has the same year as he did last year. Overall, Thomas is a great player and should help lead the Broncos to another deep playoff run.

7) Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals): Ever wonder if Fitzgerald will return to his old self where he scored 10+ TDs a year and was one of the best WRs in the NFL? Well so do I. And if he ever will get back into that form, this is the year. With veteran Carson Palmer at QB, hopefully Fitzgerald will be more consistent and get close to how he was back between 2007-2009. Although a risky pick, he should be available around the 4th round and presents great value at that position.

8) Randall Cobb (Packers): With Jennings out of town, Cobb should get his chance to be the #1 WR. He is insanely fast and has great hands, making him a great target for Aaron Rodgers. He is underrated and should be available in the 3rd round for you to snatch him up. He presents even more value in leagues where you get points for kick returns. Look for Cobb to have a breakout year this year in GB and be a top Fantasy WR.

9) Victor Cruz (Giants): After his breakout year in 2011, Cruz returned to have a great first half of the year, but struggled  at the end of last year's campaign. However, that should change this year. As long as he stays healthy, Cruz is a Top 10 WR. With Bradshaw out, he should get 1 or 2 more TDs and return to his 2011 self. 

10) Andre Johnson (Texans): Yes, he is getting old but he showed last year he can stay healthy and continue to dominate defenses with his huge frame. With few people to challenge him, Johnson should be Schaub's #1 target at WR. Unfortunately with a RB like Arian Foster, Johnson scores less than most Top WRs. However he makes up for that with the yards he gains. Look for him to have a big year, as long as he stays healthy.


***This is part one of my Top 20 WRs. I had to break it up due to its size. Look for my Top 20 WRs (Part 2) to be released sometime later today.