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Top 20 Fantasy WRs (Part 2)

***In case you missed it, here is part 1 of my Top 20 Fantasy WRs.

11) Jordy Nelson (Packers): Nelson is coming off a somewhat disappointing season filled with injuries and misfortunes but still managed to score 7 TDs even with all the talent Green Bay had at WR. Now with Greg Jennings in Minnesota, Nelson should put together a very nice year. Even with the addition of Lacy and Franklin in the backfield, Green Bay is still a past first offense. Expect Nelson to score 9+ TDs and be a borderline #1 Fantasy WR next year.

12) Roddy White (Falcons): White would be the #1 target on most teams, but that is not the case in Atlanta. In a crowded Falcon's offense White's stats should go down, especially since he is now 32 and getting towards the end of his prime years. However, I think White still should be a Fantasy starter who poses upside especially if you can get him after Round 4.

13) Mike Wallace (Dolphins): I'm big on the Dolphins this year in a week AFC East and I feel Ryan Tannehill will have a breakout year this year. Before he has never really had a go to WR, but now he does in Wallace. While Wallace has been very inconsistent, he does have explosive speed and should have more success this year. While this may be a risky pick, Wallace is falling to around the 5th round in ESPN Fantasy Drafts and is a borderline #1 Fantasy WR.

14) Marques Colston (Saints): Colston every year seems to get hurt, but you could also say that every year he scores a ton of TDs and that should be no exception this year. With Sean Payton back at the realm, the Saints should be back to a playoff level team and Colston should be his usual self. He could easily be a #1 Fantasy WR if he didn't have anymore injuries. The Saints are a pass first offense that scores a ton of points, most of them passing, so Colston presents great value for any Fantasy owner.

15) Wes Welker (Broncos): Probably making the biggest offseason news, Wes Welker moved to Denver and is now a Bronco. Welker is one of the best slot receivers in the game and should have no worries at QB with Manning. Only question is how will his production be affected playing along side Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker? I guess only time will tell.

16) Percy Harvin (Seahawks): Harvin has so much skill and potential but injuries have so far ruined his young career. Harvin is now in Seattle, a team that needs a WR like him to back up Russell Wilson. Harvin has such great speed and when he is healthy is a Top 10 WR. Unfortunately due to injuries I can't put him any higher that #16. And now with this news he could be out the whole year if he requires surgery to his hip, he is simply to risky to draft early on.

17) Danny Amendola (Patriots): And yet another injury prone player! Amendola will have the tricky task of taking over for Wes Welker in New England and if he can have a healthy year should do so just fine. With an increase in passes coming his way from a better QB in Brady, Amendola has everything going his way. Now if he could only stay healthy...

18) Vincent Jackson (Buccaneers): While some may be big on Jackson, I am not. He is playing with an unproven QB in Josh Freeman and has a big long term contract so he has no need to impress anyone. While I agree he was a great sleeper last year I believe the case won't be the same this year. I think Jackson is a borderline Fantasy starter at WR and I think Mike Williams of the Bucs is almost just as good of an option.

19) Reggie Wayne (Colts): Wayne is a true class player. Even when Indianapolis was struggling he stayed with them, and it looks like it'll pay off. With a great QB in Andrew Luck, Wayne should have no problem scoring  7 TDs and should be at the top of the league in receiving yards like last year. However, I believe his teammate T.Y. Hilton will have a big year so look for some of Wayne's stats to go down. However, I think Wayne is a great option at your #2 WR spot.

20) Tavon Austin (Rams): Rounding out my Top 20 WR list is the rookie, Tavon Austin. As a Packer fan, Austin reminds me a lot of Randall Cobb, and we all know how good he can be. Austin should be the #1 WR for the Rams, who are another team I believe is going to turn the corner this next year. Austin's explosive speed makes him a big target for Bradford, and I believe he will have a very successful rookie season.

So that rounds out my Top 20 list of Fantasy WRs, but there are so many more talented WRs out there. Here are just a few of my honorable mentions...

-Greg Jennings (Vikings): I still don't get why Jennings would want to leave Green Bay, a place where he won a ring to go to Minnesota. After a disappointing year last year, I think Jennings will turn some heads this year.

-T.Y. Hilton (Colts): T.Y. is my sleeper this year, and I nearly thought about putting him in my Top 20. He presents great value as a FLEX player after the 9th round.

-James Jones (Packers): Rounding out another strong Green Bay group of WRs, Jones led the league in TDs last year with 14. Don't expect that again this year, but still, overall a good player.

-Steve Smith (Panthers): Smith, a veteran, still has great skill and as a #1 WR in Carolina should be a big time Fantasy points player.

-Eric Decker (Broncos): I'm going to tell you right now, I think Decker was very lucky to score 13 times last year. And with Welker in town, I think Decker will be more of a #3 WR this year.

-Anquan Boldin (49ers): With Crabtree out, Boldin should be the #1 WR in San Francisco. Only question is, which Boldin will we see, the incredible playoff one or the mediocre one from the regular season?

-Alshon Jeffery (Bears): If you haven't seen my spotlight on Jeffery, check it out here. I think Jeffery is another sleeper who isn't getting much respect.

-Aaron Dobson (Patriots): If you haven't seen my spotlight on Dobson, check it out here. With all of New England's struggles, Dobson should have a chance to shine.

-Michael Crabtree (49ers): Crabtree should be out till at least Week 6. If you haven't already, read what I think you should do with him here.

-Stevie Johnson (Bills): Johnson is a dynamic player, and a TD machine when at his best level.

-Cecil Shorts (Jaguars): Even with a weak QB, Shorts managed to put up a strong season last year. Look for him to do the same this year.