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The Runnings Backs are Back (Part 2)

***This is the second part of my Top 20 list of RBs. Please feel free to take a look at part 1. Thanks!

11) Maurice Jones Drew (Jaguars): Remember that stretch from 2009-2011 when MJD was arguably the top RB in the game. He was destined to dominate last year too, all until his foot injury. However, he is back. Jacksonville hasn't gotten much better at any position while he was gone, so I'd expect him to rebound nicely this year and return to form.

12) Steven Jackson (Falcons): Jackson will be wearing a new uniform this Fall and with Michael Turner gone in Atlanta he has the clear path to becoming the number one back. Now that he is in a better offense look for his numbers to go up since he will not attract all the defenses attention.

13) LeSean McCoy (Eagles): I'll admit it, I'm have never really been a big fan of McCoy and he didn't win me over last year. McCoy has always had trouble with fumbles and last year was no exception. He also was out for a four week stretch due to a concussion. All in all I wouldn't consider McCoy to be a good #1 option at RB, but I feel he presents good value if you can get him as your #2 RB later in the draft.

14) Matt Forte (Bears): Forte had a bit of a down year last year after accounting for I believe over half of the Bears offense in 2011. However this year I expect him to rebound. Like Jamal Charles, Forte can run it and catch it which should be beneficial depending on how new Bears coach Marc Trestman chooses to run his offense. Overall, I think Forte would be a great option at FLEX.

15) Chris Johnson (Titans): What I don't like about Johnson is his inconsistency. Out of 16 games last year, he only rushed for 100+ yards 6 times. However with a much improved offensive line, I think Johnson could easily increase that number to 8-9 this year making him a more reliable pick later in the draft.

16) Frank Gore (49ers): As gore ages and questions of his durability still linger in the distance, look for the 49ers to spread the ball around to other backs like LaMichael James and Kendall Hunter. While Gore is still obviously the #1 back and racks up a good number of TDs each year, I don't think he'll ever return to being a top NFL RB, but yet a very good second choice.

17) Montee Ball (Broncos): Two years in a row I believe the steal of the draft came from a player out of the University of Wisconsin Madison, this year in Montee Ball. Ball put up incredible numbers last year breaking the NCAA record for TDs and I believe though stats, while not quite as dominant, will translate into an impressive player in the NFL. 

18) Reggie Bush (Lions): After bouncing around with a few teams, Bush is now in Detroit, a place where I think he'll excel in. Best case scenario Stafford and Johnson establish themselves as one of the best QB-WR combos in the league opening up the door for Bush to use his explosive abilities to open up the offense. A great pickup later in the draft, especially if you get points for kick returns.

19) Lamar Miller (Dolphins): With his former teammate Bush out of Miami, Miller should be the starter come day one. With what I feel is a much improved offense with the addition of Mike Wallace, I wouldn't be surprised if Miller has a breakout year this year.

20) Le'Von Bell (Steelers): Out of all the rookie RBs this year Bell might have the easiest time being starter day 1 as he has little competition. With Mendenhall gone, look for Pittsburgh to try to fill the hole with Bell who presents great value later in the draft.

So that rounds out my Top 20 RBs. Be sure to check out my Top 20 WRs coming out soon. Finally, here are some more that would be great pickups in deep leagues...

-Shane Vereen (Patriots): With so many issues in New England, Vereen has a shot to start at WR and could rack up big points with Brady.

-Eddie Lacy (Packers): The Packers might have finally found their RB for the future, the only question is can he stay healthy and will he be able to work with Jonathan Franklin, the other rookie back?

-Jonathan Franklin (Packers): While Lacy may be the more known name of the two, Franklin could possibly have more success with the Packers his first year.

-DeMarco Murray (Cowboys): If Murray can stay healthy I believe he could be a great #2 RB, however he needs to prove he can first.

-David Wilson (Giants): With Bradshaw out of New York Wilson should have better numbers, which could be even better if Andre Brown didn't score most of the goaline TDs.