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NFL Home Uniform Power Rankings (20-11: Not too shabby)

20) Pittsburgh Steelers: I don't dislike the jersey at all, but there are just so many cool uniforms that are more unique. However, I do love the numbers on the helmet, a rare feature in the NFL.

19) Houston Texans: I think these are real cool, just once again a matter of there being too many better uniforms.

18) New England Patriots: With how good the Patriots have been over the years, their jerseys don't overly impress me. However, I love their helmets.

17) Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville has been a sad team as of late, but I do applaud them on having the most unique jersey color. I'm just not quite sure how I feel about it.

16) New York Giants: Like with the Steelers I love the numbers on the helmet. However, I feel Buffalo has the better blue and red jerseys.

15) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Like I said before, I think Tampa has the better red and white jerseys when compared to Atlanta. I especially love the glossy helmet.

14) Cleveland Browns: I think the Browns are the only team in all of the major sporting leagues to have brown be their main color on their jerseys (please correct me if I'm wrong). Overall a very unique and truly one of a kind jersey. 

13) Detroit Lions: I think as a division the NFC North has the best jerseys. However, I think out of the four teams, the Lions have the worst.

12) Washington Redskins: I think they have very cool jerseys and an awesome logo. Just worried they might have to change it due to all the surrounding controversy.

11) Kansas City Chiefs: I love the red and gold scheme of both the Redskins and Chiefs. I just like the Chiefs red better.

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