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NFL Home Uniform Power Rankings (10-1: The Best of the Best)

And now, here is my Top 10.

10) Indianapolis Colts: I love the simple royal blue and white and the Colts logo is pretty awesome as well.

9) Green Bay Packers: I couldn't put my beloved packers any higher on this list. I think they have to be up there though because of the unique green and yellow combination.

8) Chicago Bears: As a Packer fan I hate the Bears but I do have to admit, the navy blue and orange is a classic.

7) Baltimore Ravens: I love that they are the only NFL team besides the Vikings to have a purple jersey. Plus the black helmet goes great with it, making it a top NFL uniform.

6) Minnesota Vikings: Here is the other team with the purple jersey. It is pretty much a toss up between Minnesota and Baltimore for me.

5) Denver Broncos: I love the orange and like how they are the only team in the NFL to have an orange jersey (Bucs throwback doesn't count).

4) Buffalo Bills: Now to my Top 4, and I must say, they all could have gone number one. I love the red, white and blue from the Bills, too bad their team couldn't be better.

3) Miami Dolphins: Such a cool jersey color from the Dolphins, and a very unique combination of colors. This land Miami at #3 on my list.

2) San Francisco 49ers: And down to my final two, both NFC West teams. At #2 I have the 49ers. I love the gold and red and just pure simplicity and beauty of their uniform.

1) Seattle Seahawks: When the new uniforms were released in 2012, I knew from the first time I saw it, Seattle clearly had the best uniform. The green and blue is stunning and that is why they take the #1 slot on my NFL Uniform Power Rankings List.

***I hope you enjoyed my list. To see part 1 (32-21) click here. To see part 2 (20-11) click here. All pictures are from Feel free to leave any comments and subscribe. Thanks you!

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